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Pupil Working Groups

We currently have three Pupil Working Groups at Slains School.

  1. Pupil Council – The representatives in this group share their ideas and the suggestions of their peers with the staff in the school around what the school is doing well and what we could do to improve learning and the quality of school facilities.
  2. Enterprise and Events Group – This group organises events to raise funds for charities such as Macmillan Cancer Support, Children in Need and Friends of Anchor. They also organise events to raise funds for the school which are enterprising. These have included designing and selling Christmas cards, canvas shopping bags and Christmas decorations from a variety of materials.
  3. Health and Eco Group – This group take care of the school grounds with the support of parents and organise events such as the Healthy breakfast, Sport Relief and take care of updating our range of playground equipment.

These groups provide each pupil with additional opportunities to participate in the life and ethos of the school and develop an understanding of how to improve our school, its facilities and contribution to our community.