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Information about classes

At Slains School we have two classes.

Our younger class spans Primary 1 to Primary 4 and our older class spans Primary 5 to Primary 7.

Each class currently has 16 pupils.

Primary 1 to 4 is taught by Mrs Marr on Monday and Tuesday with Mrs Small teaching the class from Wednesday to Friday.

Primary 5 to 7 is taught by Mr Reaves and Mrs Slesser.

Each class receives input from Visiting Specialist Teachers in the curricular areas of Music, PE and Art.  The Primary 5 to 7 class are also learning German with a Visiting Specialist Teacher.

Each class is learning French with Mrs Small.

In addition to PE with the Visiting Specialist for about one hour per week each class also participates in the “Daily Mile” three days per week when the weather is suitable and have about an hour of PE with a class teacher each week.